The Celebration of Sight Initiative is sponsored by Ventura Holdings Ltd. (Ventura) a Canadian company that is a major shareholder of Ocumetics Technology Corporation, the company that has developed and now is commercializing the Bionic Lens TM.

Ventura will designate up to 80% of the revenue it receives from Bionic Lens TM sales toward the Celebration of Sight Initiative.  This revenue will provide Ventura with an ability to function as a not-for- profit organization but without many of the constraints that are normally attached to these.

Operating through a variety of partnership arrangements and contractual agreements, Ventura is prepared to manage its resources in accordance to the three stated objectives featured on the Home Page of this website; up to 20% for the 2020+ Campaign, up to 40% for the Heritage Fund and upwards of 40% for the Green Initiative.

Our Mission is not to simply incite change, but rather to methodically inspire and support people to become vectors for positive change.

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2020+ Campaign

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Green Initiative

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